Marketing Translation and Advertisement Transcreation (English to Chinese)

Posted on Nov 16, 2015 in Case Studies

The adaptation of advertising and marketing content to local cultures requires both extraordinary translation skills and the right amount of creativity. The language specialist needs to have a deep understanding of how the brand is going to be conveyed in another culture and perceived by the target audience.

In the past few years, we’ve been working with a client to translate different types of marketing materials, including advertisement copies, marketing researches and website content etc. The client, often than not, has special requirement about each document to be translated and it requires our marketing translation team to be exceptionally flexible, knowledgeable and responsive to client’s requests.

Upon receiving a job request, our linguists will always conduct extensive research on the brand before getting their hand to the translation part. Then, the most appropriate register and style will be decided for each particular document. For advertisement copies which include elements such as idioms and wordplay, the linguist usually uses a more creative approach – trans-creation to preserve the message and style of the original copy. This means the trans-creators use linguistic devices such as metaphors, puns, repetition and alliteration etc. to make the translation sounds catchy while well-adapted to the local culture. Additionally, the linguists also provide detailed explanation of the reason why such translation is adopted and how the target audience will perceive the content. It greatly helps our client to get a better grasp of the marketing content to be used in the target market and even helps with their decision-making in their global marketing strategy. Here is what our client says about our service:

“The translations and observations were a HUGE win for us. We are very impressed with the level of detail you were able to provide.”

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