Government Programs Translation (English to Chinese)

Posted on Nov 4, 2015 in Case Studies


This on-going translation project is for a government department established to provide support to communities after surviving a natural disaster.


For this project, all translations should stick closely to the source and convey a professional tone. In other words, there should be little to none transcreation (creative translation).


This is one of our large volume projects that are still in progress. We receive texts for translation on an irregular basis and we have to make sure that all the translations are consistent with our previous work. In order to be coherent, we always assign the same team of linguists to translate for this project because they are most familiar with the material.


Due to the volume we receive (about 20,000 words each time), we usually need 4 business days to complete the translation. Since we always utilize the translation process of initial translation, post-editing, and final proofreading by at least two different native linguists, we need to have enough time to guarantee the highest level of quality. In cases where the deadlines are considerably shorter than preferred, our solution is split the text into two to three files and have different linguists work on the initial translation of these files at the same time. After that, we have one senior linguist edit and proofread all the translations to maintain consistency and high quality throughout.


The team we have put together for this project is highly professional and very familiar with the client’s requirements and expectations. We have never received a single complaint for any of our translations and we were always able to meet deadlines including ones that overlap with national holidays. This project is a great opportunity for all of us to work with government translations and gain experience in that field.

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