Mobile App Marketing / Press Release (Multi-Languages)

Posted on Nov 4, 2015 in Case Studies


Our client is an enthusiastic and innovative mobile application developer. In our current globalized society, he understood the need to market to multiple cultures in order to reach a larger consumer base. In the end, he asked us to translate the app description and app website into 11 different languages.


The original source was written in English and we needed to locate professional native linguists for each language combination. Since we prefer to assign to native linguists (for quality purposes) and they are mostly based in their home country, we have to work efficiently with many different time zones and keep everyone on track in order to deliver within the deadline. Since our rates always include the complete translation process of initial translation, post-editing, and final proofreading, we had to assign at least two linguists per language combination to maintain high translation quality. For these reasons, we were constantly communicating with our multi-cultural linguists during each linguist’s work hours on any queries they may have.


Since the translation is for marketing material, our linguists were asked to avoid literal translation. In these situations, linguists are expected to utilize their native linguistic knowledge and background to develop a translation that is appropriate and appealing in their culture. The translation must be able to convey the original message, be creative and easy to read, and be culturally sensitive all at the same time.


During the production stage, our project manager worked closely with our linguists to resolve all linguistic and formatting issues. Even though there were minor complications with a few of the translations, we were able to fix the problem before the final delivery to our client. In the end, the translations are completed with the highest regard for cultural sensitivity and linguistic standards.

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