MLT’s Certified Translation services help clients in application of Medical School

Posted on Mar 17, 2016 in Case Studies

MLT has helped countless customers break through barriers that stood between them and their dreams. In Feb, a client brought his foreign diploma and graduation certificate to our office and showed us his documents that were translated, certified and notarized in his home country. Although he spent a tremendous amount of time and money translating and notarizing the documents, the U.S Medical School that he was applying for ended up rejecting those documents due to the absence of an authorized signature from a professional translation service. By the time this client came to us with the situation, it was extremely urgent and we were given limited time. However, after carefully listening to the customer explain the situation, we promised the client to expedite the translations and have all the files translated, proofread, certified, and notarized within two business days. This story ends on a positive note. The certified and notarized translations we provided to the client met all the requirements of the Medical School. This is just one example of how MTL’s services have helped a client remove an obstacle that lay on their path to success.

Why certification and notarization?

In this case, the documents were from a country perceived as being a higher risk of forgery, so the School requires the translations to be translated, certified by a translation company in the US and notarized in the US as well. Whenever a certified translation is requested, Multilingual Technologies will translate and proofread the documents, and stamp them with both our official company stamp as well as an appropriate reference number. The documents will be returned with a certificate which confirms that they have been translated and signed by a qualified translator, asserts our belief in the accuracy and authenticity of the translations and finally attests to our membership with a professional translation body (American Translators Association, ATA). This kind of certification is sufficient for immigration and other federal government purposes in the US, even without notarization, as well as for translations of academic records and the like in many cases.

If required, Multilingual Technologies can arrange notarization of the translation, which is basically notarization of the signed certification statement. It involves the translator of the document(s) or a company representative attending the offices of a public notary and declaring both under oath and in writing that the translation is a true and honest translation. The notary will then sign or mark the translation accordingly with a certified stamp. Notarization is the official fraud-deterrent process that declares the parties of a transaction that a document is authentic and trustworthy as well as prevents numerous forged and incompetent signings. This impartial process indicates a signer for willingness, identity, and awareness; and a notary seal brings legal protection of authenticity regarding rules of evidence.

MultiLingual Technologies guarantee accuracy and professionalism. Not only do we provide excellent translation service, but we also help countless customers to certify and notarize their translated documents. We will continue to deliver service in the most cost-effective and efficient way to provide the best possible value for our clients and keep them on the path to their dreams.

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