Vietnamese Translation Service

English to Vietnamese language translation services by native Vietnamese linguists.

We provide high-quality and affordable English to Vietnamese language translation and localization services. We are well known in our industry for our strength and competitiveness in Vietnamese and other Asian languages.

Our Experience and Strength

  • Multilingual Technologies has over 15 years of experience in providing English to Vietnamese, Vietnamese to English, Chinese to Vietnamese and Vietnamese to Chinese language translation and localization services to many clients worldwide.
  • Our consistently high-quality translations are completed by a group of professional and native Vietnamese linguists who are not only familiar with Vietnamese language and culture, but also have been living or studying in the United States, Vietnam or China for many years. Our linguists’ extensive experience in translation and cultural backgrounds ensure that our work is of high quality. Multilingual Technologies is the ideal place for you to look for reliable and quality Vietnamese translation services.

Facts about Vietnamese

  •  As the official language of Vietnam, Vietnamese is also widely spoken by lots of Vietnamese communities globally such as Cambodia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Laos, United States, Thailand, etc.
  • Specifically, there are over one million Vietnamese speakers located in the US. In total, 76 million people worldwide speak Vietnamese as their native tongue.

Vietnamese Peculiarities

  • Four types of vowels – front, central, low and back are included in Vietnamese. Except rounded back vowels the other three are unrounded. The vowels are all pronounced with an intrinsic tone that differs in duration, pitch height, pitch contour and phonation.
  • The Vietnamese writing system uses Latin-based alphabet letters.

To learn more about our English to Vietnamese language translation and localization services, capabilities, please feel free to contact us.

Getting started with our English to Vietnamese translation services is easy and fast at our Multilingual OnDemand. You can choose your language pairs, upload your files, get an instant quote and place your order. Fast, convenient, affordable, and quality human translation services are just a few clicks away.

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