Professional Japanese Translation

Japanese translation services by native Japanese linguists.

We provide high-quality and affordable translation and localization services between English and Japanese. We are well known in our industry for our strength and competitiveness in Japanese and other Asian languages.

Our Experience and Strength

  • Native linguists in Specialized Sectors: all of our linguists for Japanese translations are native Japanese speakers and recognized experts in their subject fields. As a member of Japan Translation Federation (JTF), we have a network of professional native translators in Japan as well as English-Japanese bilingual professionals in the United States. We handpick the most suitable linguists who understand your needs and ensure the perfection of your project. We assign three professional linguists, a translator, editor, and proofreader, to each translation project to ensure the highest quality of work. This three-step process has proven itself to be a great method in achieving high-quality translations and customer satisfaction.
  • Rich experience in Japanese project management: As a certified translation agency with 15 years of experience serving clients across the globe, we have accumulated significant project management experience in Japanese translations, especially in the fields of IT, medical, healthcare, mechanical, engineering, financial, legal, marketing, and many more.
  • Quality Assurance: In addition to the three-step translation process mentioned above, we also have a quality management department that oversees the quality of our work. A proven quality assurance system has been developed through a decade of translation projects. Immaculate quality and effective communication are what we offer to our clients.

Facts about Japanese

  • Japanese is the national language of Japan and is spoken almost exclusively there.
  • It is also used by Japanese communities in the U.S., Brazil, Peru, Canada, Australia and the Philippines. The total number of native speakers amount to approximately 125 million.
  • The modern Japanese writing system mainly consists of two syllabic scripts, “hiragana” and “katakana” and an extensive usage of Chinese characters, called “kanji”.

Japanese Peculiarities

  • The Japanese language employs a sophisticated and extensive honorific system that indicates the relative social status of the speakers and the receivers. The three main types of honorific speech are “sonkeigo” (respectful speech), “kenjogo” (humble speech), and “teineigo” (polite speech).
  • Before the Japanese writing system officially came into place, Japanese people were first exposed to the Chinese writing system. Since the written form of Japanese had been influenced by the Chinese language, it adapts a large portion of Chinese characters, called “kanji,” in its own writing system.
  • In addition to incorporating Chinese into its language, Japanese has also been influenced by European languages. It has a large amount of foreign loanwords. For example, “table” in Japanese is written and pronounced as “テーブル” (teiburu) to sound like “table” in English. These adapted foreign words are transcribed into Japanese using Katakana. Scientific and technical terms are commonly written and represented phonetically in Katakana as well.

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