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Professional Chinese translation by native Chinese linguists

We provide high-quality and affordable Chinese translation and localization services. Our capabilities in Chinese are unmatched. You can rely on us for Chinese translation for any type of documents.

Our Strengths in Chinese Translation
MLT has production centers across mainland China and Taiwan and has both simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese teams.
As a council member of Translators Association of China (TAC), which is a national association of translators in China equivalent to ATA, we are well recognized for our exceptional capabilities in providing Chinese translations.

Our Competitiveness
• 50 plus in-house Chinese linguists in our production centers in mainland China and Taiwan
• Chinese linguists from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA enable us to provide accurate translations targeting various parts of the world
• Cultural adaptation of different regions: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China and Singapore
• We are an ISO9000: 2008 certified company with 15 years of experience in serving clients across the globe

Facts about Chinese

  • Chinese tops the list as the most popular language in the world. There are currently over 1 billion native Chinese speakers, which make up nearly one-fifth of the world’s population.
  • Written Chinese is not an alphabetic language; it consists of blocky characters instead. In fact, Chinese characters are sometimes called “squared characters” due to their visual appearance.
  • Chinese characters are logographic, whereas each character can represent a single concept. Characters can also be combined to form compound words.
  • There are several distinct dialects in China, such as Mandarin, Min Nan (Taiwanese), and Cantonese (Hong Kong). Even so, written Chinese can generally be easily understood by all Chinese users because the characters differ by sound but not so much by meaning in all the dialects.

Chinese Translation Peculiarities

  • Professional Chinese translators usually work with only one of the two written Chinese variations – simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese.
  • Traditional Chinese used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Chinese communities in Europe and the USA can be quite different. Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are often regarded as two separate languages in translation and localization industries.
  • Always check with clients regarding the target audience and market in order to determine the correct version to use when translating to Chinese.

Simplified vs. Traditional
There are two variations of the Chinese written language: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

  • Traditional Chinese is a very sophisticated form of writing and is used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Chinese-speaking locations outside of China, including various “Chinatowns” in the US and Europe. Traditional Chinese characters are more complex compared to Simplified Chinese characters.
  • Simplified Chinese is the result of reducing and simplifying strokes from the traditional characters to make them easier to learn and write. This was an attempt made by the Chinese government in the 1950s to promote and increase literacy. During the simplification process, many new characters were created by decreasing the number of strokes in their original counterparts and characters with identical pronunciations and meanings were reduced to a single standardized character. Nevertheless, there are still many characters that did not go through the simplification process, which explains why Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese share a lot of the same characters.

Which version to choose?
It depends on your target audience and market.

  • Mainland China: Simplified Chinese
  • Taiwan: Traditional Chinese
  • Hong Kong: Traditional Chinese
  • Singapore: Simplified Chinese
  • USA: Traditional Chinese

Not sure which version to use? No problem, contact us at MLT and get a free consultation.
Getting started with our Chinese translation services is easy and fast at our Multilingual OnDemand. You can upload your files, get an instant quote and place your order. Fast, convenient, affordable, and quality human translation services are just a few clicks away.

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