Comprehensive Translation Service for Major Healthcare Providers (Multi-Languages)

Posted on Nov 16, 2015 in Case Studies

A good understanding of healthcare documents plays a crucial part in patients’ health management and language is a key factor to such understanding. MLT provides professional translation and localization services for a major healthcare provider in the U.S. and we have translated a wide range of medical documents including surgical instructions, medical records, health education brochures, healthcare insurance policy summaries, annual guidebooks to healthcare services, Medicare/Medi-Cal policies, medical letters etc.

We understand that our client rely on our expertise in medical translation of their most sensitive documents. Therefore, apart from familiarity with medical terminology to communicate at a professional level, we require our dedicated team of medical translators to have been trained in the medical subject and have a thorough understanding of the healthcare industry in the U.S. Moreover, our translators are able to apply the most appropriate tones and voices when translating different type of documents based on the audience (patients, agencies, providers or the public), purpose (instructions, education, marketing etc.) and the client’s special requirement.

For large files such as insurance policies and annual guidebooks, it is essential to keep consistency in terms of terminology and styles. Our medical translation team uses CAT tools to manage translation memories and closely follow the provided style guides to make sure the translation meet the client’s specific requirements. After the translation is complete, the QA team will perform a thorough quality check to eliminate any inconsistencies, errors or formatting issues.

Our unique methodology that our client depends on delivers timely and consistently clear, accurate translation of high-value information.

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