ISO9001: 2008 Certified Process, Dozen Years Experience With Language Services

For some, translation is an art; for others, it is a science and a skill. For us at MLT, translation is a creative process that involves both technical expertise and linguistic talent. A good translation is only possible when the translator is technically competent in the subject matter and linguistically proficient in both the source and target languages.

All of our translators are native speakers of their target language, and almost all of them are in-country translators who reside in a country where their target language is an official spoken language. We only select linguists who are able to meet the following criteria:

  • Native speakers (target language) who are proficient in at least one foreign language.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • 2+ years documented experience in language services.
  • Specialized in at least one particular field, with working experience.
  • Competent in research, information acquisition and processing;
  • Familiar with industry tools (such as Computer Aided Translation tools).
  • Must have passed our industry-specific translation tests.

Our linguists are grouped according to the fields in which they specialize, such as IT, Finance, Law, Medicine and Engineering. Only linguists with actual working experience or an educational background in their chosen field are assigned translation and proofreading/editing jobs.

At MLT, we believe that translation is a lifelong learning process. We regularly organize our team of linguists to participate in linguistic and technical training, and also encourage them to take part in further education and other professional development activities.

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